Veritas Spritz

"In Vino Veritas" - a spritz light in alcohol yet full of flavour. Bringing together the flavours of grapes, citrus and beautiful botanicals in a sparkly aperitif. 

We have partnered with the wonderful La Maison Wellness, specialising in mindful cocktail recipes for the healthy hedonist, to create this delicious, WILD cocktail. 


Ingredients for Vertias Spritz low alcohol cocktail including Wild Life Botanicals Nude

- 40ml Italicus Bergamote Aperitivo
- 40ml Alain Milliat Merlot Red Grape Juice
- 80ml Wild Life Botanicals Nude
- 80ml Beebolin Botanicals Mixer Woodruff Bitter

Build in a wine glass over ice

Rock Glass or Wine Glass

Rosemary, Dehydrated lime wheel and green olive


Veritas Spritz low-alcohol sparkling cocktail

Build directly into a wine glass for a single serve… Start by pouring 40ml Italicus Bergamote Aperitivo over the ice, then add in 40ml of Alain Milliat Merlot Grape Juice to give the rich tannin flavour to give. Finish by topping up with Wild Life Botanicals Nude and Beebolin Woodruff Bitter half and half. Add a sprig of rosemary, a dehydrated lime wheel and a green olive et voilà!

Tasting Notes & Favourite Flavours 

Wild Life Botanicals Nude is a refreshing, dry, and sophisticated ultra-low alcohol sparkling wine infused with an uplifting elixir of vitamins, minerals, and active botanicals. Ultra-low in alcohol yet high in plant-power, enjoy the benefits of calming lemon balm, soothing damask rose, mood-boosting ashwagandha, rich-in-antioxidant rosemary, and invigorating damiana. You will also benefit from vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12 and C, perfect for boosting your immune system and metabolism, and treating you to a natural pick-me-up.

Wild Life Botanicals low-alcohol sparkling wine

Alain Milliat make high end nectars and juices. Their Merlot Red Grape Juice is rich and flavourful juice with delicate vegetal flavours and slight bitterness. Beebolin celebrate Nordic flavours with their range of mixers while supporting the bees.

And enjoy!

Veritas Spritz low-alcohol sparkling cocktail including Wild Life Botanicals 

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