Festive Mimosa

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with a Festive Mimosa...an ultra-low alcohol cocktail, blended with cranberry and citrus shrub and topped with sparkling bubbles! The perfect way to enjoy the holiday season mindfully. 

The Festive Mimosa is a Wild creation by La Maison Wellness, specialising in mindful cocktail recipes for the healthy hedonist. Keep reading for the recipe...


Wild Life Botanicals low alcohol sparkling wine, low-calorie cocktail, low-alcohol mindful cocktail, Festive Mimosa.

- 15ml Citrus Shrub
- 30ml Cranberry Juice
- Two Keys Lemon Mixer
- Top up with Wild Life Botanicals Blush


Champagne Glass

Just as it is! 


For the Citrus Shrub:

This is one of my favourite syrups to make it’s so easy and tastes delightful.
Perfect for the holiday season and as delicious in cocktails as on your pancakes!

- 1 Lemon
- 1 Orange
- 100ml Honey
- 100ml Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Carefully remove the peel, pith and seeds from the fruit until you are left with only the flesh.

  2. Place the ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth.

  3. Pour into a jar and and keep in the fridge for a week 

Wild Life Botanicals ultra low alcohol sparkling wine, Festive Mimosa, healthy mindful cocktail recipe.

You can build directly into a glass, mix all the ingredients together et voilà ready to enjoy at home or send to Healthy Hedonist friends.

Tasting Notes & Favourite Flavours 

Wild Life Botanicals Blush is a refreshing, dry, and sophisticated ultra-low alcohol sparkling wine infused with an uplifting elixir of vitamins, minerals, and active botanicals. Ultra-low in alcohol yet high in plant-power, feel good with every glass and enjoy the benefits of calming lemon balm, soothing damask rose, mood-boosting ashwagandha, rich-in-antioxidant rosemary, and invigorating damiana. 

Wild Life Botanicals Blush ultra-low alcohol sparkling wine, low-calorie wine, low-carb wine

Two Keys is a range of beautiful mixers to Unlock your Spirit, made with the finest raw ingredients from around the world and carefully crafted here in the UK, using no nasties, organic cane sugars and the finest teas. 

And enjoy!

Cami holding low alcohol, low calorie, mindful cocktail. Wild Life Botanicals low alcohol sparkling wine.

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