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Together with La Maison Wellness, we are celebrating love with this elegant and floral bubbly mindful cocktail. Continue reading to learn how to make this fabulously refreshing cocktail, and most importantly...enjoy!


Amour cocktail ingredients, rose and honey water, Wild Life Botanicals Blush sparkling wine, and Sensor Love

- 30ml Senser Love 
- 10ml Rose Water & Honey
- Top up Wild Life Botanicals Blush



Lemon Twist


For the Rose Water & Honey
Honey water is a great way to balance your cocktail without adding anything nasty or making it too sweet.
  1. Pick a good quality honey - ideally something from your local farmers. Did you know that eating honey that has been made in your local area can help with allergies like hay fever as the bees have pollinated flowers you are in contact with?!
  2. Combine equal parts honey and hot water
  3. Stir until you melt the honey
  4. Add a few drops organic rose water
  5. Keep the rose honey-water in the fridge (it will last a week)

Amour non-alcoholic cocktail, pouring Wild Life Botanicals Blush in the flute

Combine Sensor Love with the Rose Water & Honey in a flute and top with Wild Life Botanicals Blush. Garnish with a lemon twist...and cheers!

Tasting Notes & Favourite Flavours

Senser Love is composed of 18 plants that are blended to produce a state of relaxed serenity. 

Wild Life Botanicals Blush is a delicious non-alcoholic sparkling wine, infused with an uplifting elixir of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals, each chosen for their health-giving properties. Blush pouts with juicy, wild strawberry aromas, followed by a notably rounded, mineral palate evoking rosehip tea, strawberries and cream, and Cornish orchard fruits such as crab and red apple. 

And Enjoy! 

Amour non-alcoholic cocktail, with a bottle of Wild Life Botanicals Blush

Watch the video tutorial below

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